Trust is the basis for investments in the future

We build trust worthy relationships with investors and partners, adhering to the principles of transparency. Our benchmarks are open-mindedness to proposals and ideas of cooperation for the integrated development of Uzbekistan.

Establishment of a unified system of working mechanisms to support the development of digital economy and strategic projects. Creation of a stable foundation for cooperation with foreign investors and partners. Building trust worthy ambiance in working together. Assistance in the development of PPP in various industries.

Combining investment, financial and intellectual resources for the development of Uzbek economy, including the introduction of blockchain technologies in various spheres and public sector. Support for start-ups, provision of grants to the authors of promising business projects.

Investment related cooperation spheres

Private projects
and start-ups

Our strengths


Team members of the “Digital Trust Fund” have a high professional qualification and wide experience. A young team that performs all tasks enthusiastically and quickly.


We are ready to discuss and assist in the development of various ideas of business community, start-ups and potential partners.


The Fund goals are various and not limited to the digital economy development. We are focused on establishment of PPP in various spheres, support of start-ups and strategic projects.

Why Uzbekistan?
Growth of Uzbekistan's GDP for 2017 is 5.3%
Industrial production growth in 2017 is 4.8%
Growth of capital investments for 2017 is 20,4%

Why “Digital Trust”?

Large-scale portfolio

Since the Fund’s establishment, large investment projects have been implemented, memorandums have been signed both with international companies and state agencies of Uzbekistan.

State support

The “Digital Trust” Fund was established in accordance with the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan as of September 2, 2018 No. PP-3927.


Cooperation with the “Digital Trust” Fund means security and guarantee of support. Attractive and promising projects and start-ups can be translated into reality thanks to the experts and specialists of the Fund.


Qualified personnel is one of the assets of the “Digital Trust” Fund. Experts, analysts and specialists of various departments contribute to the operational solution of the tasks.